BrightPath Launches Mobile App Workshop in Dominica

August 19, 2013 - Commonwealth of Dominica
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BrightPath Foundation launched its first multiplatform mobile application development workshop aimed at creating a vibrant mobile app industry in the Commonwealth of Dominica. The workshop, the first of its kind in Dominica, was launched in partnership with the Dominica's National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC) and the Dominica State College.

Dominica has a mobile penetration rate (the number of mobile subscriptions per 100 persons) of approximately 147% with a growing number of smartphone and mobile apps users. This is a relatively high rate when compared to the regional average of 109%. However, only a very limited number of mobile apps address Dominican needs, which highlights the importance of domestic mobile app creation and development of the market.

At the opening ceremonies of the workshop on Monday, Mr. Craig Nesty, Executive Director of the NTRC highlighted the significance of mobile apps globally. According to Nesty, the global app economy is a burgeoning marketplace and was worth $53B USD in 2012. It is expected to steeply rise to $143B by 2016.

“The NTRC believes it is time for Dominica to become an active participant in the global mobile application economy,” Nesty stated.

The workshop forms part of the BrightPath iCAN Local Content Development Programme which aims to encourage local developers to design apps that are relevant to the Caribbean market as well as the global market.

“We are most pleased to have partnered with key industry players who have teamed up to drive mobile application innovation in Dominica. Our programme is designed to encourage local technology enthusiasts to get actively involved in the creation of local content and an ecosystem of local apps for Dominica and the wider Caribbean,” said Bevil Wooding, Founder and Executive Director of BrightPath.

Parliamentary Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for ICT, Mr. Kelvar Darroux, and Minister for Information, Telecommunication and Constituency Empowerment, Mr. Ambrose George both addressed the audience comprising students, entrepreneurs, public servants and lecturers. The officials challenged participants to come up with ideas for mobile apps that would help in the delivery of government services and support the development of the agriculture sector, a major part of the Dominican economy.

The BrightPath iCAN Mobile App Workshop is taking place from 19 to 24 August 2013 at Dominica State College in the capital city of Roseau.

This event is part of the AppMaster Mobile App Development program