April 23, 2014

BrightPath Author Nneka Edwards publishes latest e-book

TRINIDAD 2014-APR-23 BrightPath Publishing has launched the latest e-publication of its most prolific author. Volumes 1 and 4 of T&T in Poetry: a Rainbow Collection by Caribbean-Canadian author, Nneka Edwards launched in the Apple iBookstore.

T&T in Poetry Volume 1This classic-quality four-volume eBook showcases the rainbow diversity of Trinidad and Tobago. With its captivating poetry, gorgeous colour-coded photography, brilliant audio recitals and original cinematic-quality music, this collection offers a singular interactive experience. Nneka is quoted as saying: This book has been many years in the making and I am so proud and excited to see it finally available online. It carries not only historic and nostalgic value, but may potentially inspire meaningful dialogue about how we value both cultural and ethnic diversity locally, regionally and internationally. This book celebrates the kaleidoscopic beauty of Trinbago through photographic colour scapes and timeless literature. Any brother and any neighbour in our global village can proudly find themselves (either directly or indirectly) within the panorama of its pages!

The release of volume 4 of T&T in Poetry brings Nneka’s publication tally to a total of twenty. Nneka has covered major writing ground since publishing her very first book in August 2012: Rhyme with Reason: Noah’s Ark (vol. 1). By writing Caribbean literature (among her diverse range of topics), Nneka lends a powerful voice to this particular region of the world.

Nneka exemplifies our commitment to the empowerment of authors using taking advantage of the digital age, says Bevil Wooding, founder and Executive Director of BrightPath. Before being given the opportunity to get published digitally, she had all the other necessary elements. Now, her perspective and her talent can be shared with the entire world.

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