July 15, 2013

BrightPath Launches TechCamp for Youth

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With school now on their annual mid-year break, busy parents are searching for fun, educational vacation activities to keep minds engaged and young one busy and productive.

One camp is promising youngsters a chance to participate in a unique experience. International non-profit organization BrightPath Foundation has teamed up with a number of local private sector firms to stage its first ever local Tech Camp.

The BrightPath Foundation will be hosting its TT.TechCamp at the KR Consulting Executive Training Centre in Port of Spain, from July 14 through July 31. Fifteen lucky participants will have a chance to discover the exciting world of technology and gain practical skills in digital content creation. The camp is open to children between the ages of 13 and 15.

“At this camp we aim to teach children things they couldn’t or wouldn’t learn in a classroom. Our aim is to help them transition from being merely content consumers to becoming content producers,” said BrightPath’s Executive Director and TechCamp organizer, Bevil Wooding. “The TechCamp also introduces participants to important principles of business, ethics, and civic responsibility, and imparts essential values and life skills.”

BrightPath Foundation TT.TechCamp – July 14 through July 31 2013

Corporate sponsors for the event include local technology firms Teleios Systems and ArkiTechs Ltd; the actuarial firm, KR Consulting and the HR consultancy, TSG Consulting.

“Instead of simply teaching kids to use existing technologies, we must give them the tools to design and create their own,” said Kevin Khelawan, Chief Operating Officer at Teleios Systems and one of the facilitators at the camp. “The BrightPath TechCamp does just that by providing youngsters the opportunity to interact with industry practitioners and real-world innovators in an intense but fun-filled three weeks of learning that will benefit them for life.”

Special attendee scholarships, were made possible by the regional telecommunications firm, Columbus Communications. Corporate vice president – sales and marketing at Columbus Communications, Rhea Yaw Ching, says the BrightPath TT.TechCamp reaches out to an important audience with a model that can be applied throughout the Caribbean.

“What attracted us to this program was the unique blend of a traditional camp experience with quality technology training programs. This balanced approach is consistent with Columbus’ vision for technology enabled learning,” Yaw Ching stated.

In the past two years alone, BrightPath programs have reached over 700 individuals across the Caribbean. BrightPath TechCamps are part of the Foundation’s “next generation” programs, which include activities focused on engaging youth by instilling a curiosity for, and appreciation of technology, culture, innovation and nation building through values-based learning.

The BrightPath TT.TechCamp is made possible through the generous support of sponsors. This year’s camp sponsors include ArkiTechs, Columbus Communications, EMPOWER Development, Double X Printers, KR Consulting, Philadelphia Network, Teleios Systems, and TSG Consulting.

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