July 14, 2014

BrightPath TechLink: Inspiring the youth of St. Lucia

Primary and secondary school students, college graduates, entrepreneurs, teachers and small business owners alike gathered in St. Lucia to take part in the BrightPath Foundation’s TechLink initiative.

The TechLink initiative, which took place at Ciceron Secondary School on the 12th July 2014, exposed participants to a wide range of workshops, from digital photography to electronic music production to BrightPath’s AppMaster Mobile App Development program.

BrightPath’s TechLink initiative is a technology education program, conducted internationally, which focuses on training in digital content creation and business development. BrightPath’s goal in making an initiative such as TechLink available to young and old technology enthusiasts alike is to motivate participants by providing them with the tools to become empowered technology creators.

Participant Kayla Augustine, a student at Ciceron Secondary School, attended the workshop this past Saturday to develop her interest in digital photography. “I learned different techniques such as light painting which could one day help me to create my own business taking photos of weddings” said the young aspiring photographer.

With the help of Columbus Communications, BrightPath has conducted TechLink events in Grenada, Barbados, and St. Lucia and will be holding many more throughout the Caribbean region as the year progresses.

BrightPath’s executive-level facilitators chosen to lead the TechLink event – Stephen Lee, Juma Bannister, and Jason Gittens – guided their energized young participants through both oral presentations and hands-on training. By the end of the day, the facilitators succeeded in further exceeding the expectations of their participants including Brandon Scott, a young graduate from Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, who commented: “I expected to get the typical talks and the usual stuff you get from these workshops but it was very interactive, the facilitators were friendly and I really got a different viewpoint on how to make your dreams a reality.”

Jesse Edward, Country Manager of St. Lucia for Columbus Communications, and Sen. Hon. Dr. James Fletcher, Minister of Education, opened the TechLink event by encouraging participants to use technology to broaden their horizons past the confines of St. Lucia. Edwards encouraged the youthful participants: “Use the learnings you have, coupled with technology, to achieve greatness.”

The BrightPath Foundation is a non-profit organization which focuses on technology education and community empowerment. Its aim for TechLink is that it will inspire more innovative use of technology in the Caribbean region. Bevil Wooding, BrightPath founder and architect of the TechLink program, expressed his desire to empower the region, saying: “We need more Caribbean content online whether its images, text, music, mobile apps or Caribbean products; the Internet is for everyone. It’s time to start a revolution in Caribbean digital content creation!”

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