August 01, 2014

BrightPath’s TechCamp: Learning; Dreaming; Having Fun!

The BrightPath Foundation held its TechCamp 2014 from July 21st to July 31st 2014. Bigger than ever before, this year BrightPath hosted fifty (50) motivated, inspired, energetic kids! Boys and girls alike ranging from 11 to 15 yrs old gathered every morning at Cipriani College of Labour and Cooperative Studies, Trinidad, to take part in the technology camp.

The theme of TechCamp for 2014 was ‘Create the Future’. Participants were reminded every day that they are not only a part of their futures, but they have the agency to create the future that they want to see. Over the two weeks of TechCamp, the youngsters covered a range of topics from making robots with Raspberry Pi, to creating their own ringtones and music beats in a Digital Music workshop, to shooting and developing their own videos using Digital Photography. These young geniuses even created their own pen holders using a 3D-printer – a feat their parents have yet to accomplish!

Each day of the camp was spent with in-class sessions in the morning and hands-on sessions in the afternoons. While the facilitators guided the young participants in the use of technology, the imagination and intelligence of these teens and pre-teens propelled the camp further than facilitators could have dreamed…

“I really enjoyed it because it wasn’t all about learning but dreaming, thinking, and having fun. The teachers were very helpful and easy to talk to. They weren’t all serious and boring/nerdy as I expected but rather funny and down to earth. This camp opened my eyes to how I can make my ideas come to life. I always thought that I had to wait till I was older and smarter to ‘Create my Future’ but I was shocked that I could have created my future today.” – 14 year old Tishara Aaron

“I like taking photos, animation and playing music. TechCamp taught me that we don’t learn from success but from failure. The important thing is that we keep on going at whatever we like.” – 13 year old Timothy Gooding

“At TechCamp, I leaned that I can create many things using technology. I also learned that working in a team to do these things is not always easy. I have to see the world in a unique way because my ideas are not the same as others.” – 14 year old Ethan Wilson

At the culmination of TechCamp – the Closing Ceremony – family, friends, sponsors and special invitees witnessed the hard work of the teams of participants as the final projects were presented. Displaying their very own ringtones, virtual games and short films amongst others, the young TechCamp participants blew their guests away with the products of their hard work, dedication and imaginations.

The BrightPath Foundation’s TechCamp is held every summer in Trinidad. With the growing success and enthusiasm of our participants, we eagerly anticipate what TechCamp 2015 will bring!

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