BrightPath’s TechLink is an education program that provides communities with access to knowledge and practical technical skills necessary to adapt and apply technology to their local needs.

TechLink is an exportable¬Ě approach to providing technological training and resources to communities allows local organizations to quickly and easily deliver programs to increase interest and skills in technology, build understanding of technology issues and opportunities and apply technology to local needs.

Program Objective: To Promote the Practical Benefits of Internet Enabled Services to Communities

Target Audience:

  • Youth
  • Parents
  • Small businesses
  • Community Leaders

Focus Areas:

  • Technology Skill Training
    • Capacity building in digital content creation to address local needs and opportunities.
  • Technology Business Facilitation
    • Training, tools and skills for tech-enabled business development and service enhancement.
  • Responsible Technology Usage
    • Resource and information to help navigate the opportunities, risks and requirements of the digital age.
  • Community Impact
    • Linking tech initiatives to local programs designed to leverage inherent community strengths and priorities.

TechLink Program

The TechLink Program is beneficial in developing relevant technical skills within local communities and increasing awareness of the issues and opportunities around technology deployment in local communities. It promotes the production of local digital content to support and advance local culture and heritage by increasing local capacity for micro and small businesses to better meet local and global needs. The program fosters the creation of new opportunities for social and economic development and technology-enabled innovation.

BrightPath Foundation will be partnering with Columbus Communications in the implementation of the TechLink Program for the Caribbean. The first in a series of Caribbean wide implementations was held in the island of Grenada on November 9th and 30th, 2013 and will be continuing across the region.

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