TechSpace is a BrightPath Foundation in conjunction with Congress WBN Community-based Technology Education Initiative, specially designed to empower local and national communities. 

TechSpace is a physical facility that combines: Technology Training, Life-skills Development, Mentorship, Small-business Start-up Facilitation, Business Incubation and Community Engagement.

Why TechSpace?

Environmental Context:

  • Limited AWARENESS of the potential impact of ICT and the Internet
  • Limited SKILLED PROFESSIONALS to motivate, support and guide the way for others to follow
  • Unemployment, Limited opportunities
  • Scarcity of positive LOCAL DIGITAL CONTENT
  • Education and cultural barriers

Our Mission: To create new opportunities for technology-enabled innovation and development.

Our Goals: 

  • Support local innovation
  • Proliferate local content
  • Encourage meaningful tech usage
  • Create new job opportunities
  • Empower communities

TechSpace Streams:

Youth TechLink

Target: 13-18 year olds

This group will learn how to create technology applications and content, such as building mobile apps, creating computer robots, creating ebooks and so much more!

SmallBiz TechStart

Target: Entrepreneurs and micro and small business owners

This group will learn how to apply technology to real-world business issues, including personal productivity, service delivery and market reach.

Educators & Parents

Target: Teachers, school administrators and education policy specialists

This group will gain an understanding of the promise and perils of technology in the school and at home, including discovering tools and resources that can be used to enrich and enhance classroom teaching and learning.


Target: Seniors

This group will gain an understanding of how tech can be used to create exciting and fulfilling opportunities to interact, entertain and enrich, including discovering tools, tips and resources by seniors to enhance their quality of life.