What We Do

BrightPath designs and implements activities and programs that empower those in society, some of whom would otherwise be perceived as disadvantaged. This specific, targeted human development input then provides these groups and individuals - students, seniors, and entrepreneurs, amongst others - with values-based skills and education that allow them to contribute to their communities and to national development. In addition to this, the Foundation also serves as creator and publisher of valuable local digital and print content and affords authors, artists, and journalists access to national and international distribution platforms that would otherwise be out of reach.

In the development of BrightPath programs, primary areas of focus are:

  • Technology Education

Supporting Education Technology Innovations in Schools
Designing Technology Enabled Learning Environments
Digital Media Course Development

Technology advances have made it easier and more affordable to bring digital content into the classroom. Mobile technology, digital media, and social networks are radically changing the way students learn and how teachers teach. In spite of the criticisms and resistance technology-based efforts invariably get from within and outside the education system, the signs all point to an undeniable and irresistible trend: Technology is transforming how education is delivered and how it is received.

Through the BrightPath’s technology-enhanced educational programs, students become stronger, more confident and self-sufficient, and reflexively creative as they apply critical thinking skills to solving relevant and stimulating problems.

  • Values-Based Learning

BrightPath’s education initiatives open a world of possibilities and help prepare students and educators to excel in an interconnected world. We help institutions create technology-enhanced learning environments that emphasize collaboration, innovation and experimentation in the education process. Our specially tailored programs also offer access to a diverse range of values-based learning opportunities and experiences. 

This is implemented through our Jumpstart program, in addition to our Policy Guidance. BrightPath places special focus on assisting policy makers, government officials and business leaders in navigating the complex and dynamic changes taking place in the information and communications technology (ICT) arena.

  • Digital Content Creation

Fostering Local innovation and Local Content Development
Mobile Apps, Digital Photography, Videography, Podcasts, Animation

We live in an increasingly digital world. From computers, to tablets and smartphones, the Internet and internet-related technologies play an increasingly significant role in the development of economies and societies. And yet most people consume digital information, products and services without ever considering where it’s coming from or who created it. The BrightPath Foundation works to develop indigenous human resource potential to take full advantage of the digital revolution that exists today. Among BrightPath’s various training initiatives are programs aimed at empowering individuals to engage in digital content creation relative to their own lives and experiences. BrightPath volunteers teach how to participate in digital content creation such as e-books in children’s literature, poetry and training manuals, as well as digital photography and videography, mobile apps, blogging and podcasting

  • Digital Publishing

Supporting Local authors and Local Content Development, and making more culturally relevant content available.
eBooks, eMusic, special courses and workshops for budding writers and musicians.

BrightPath serves as a nonprofit publisher of valuable local digital content and affords authors, artists, and journalists access to national and international distribution platforms that would otherwise be out of reach.

In accordance with our focus on supporting the creation of local digital content we assist encourage Local Content Development by assisting local authors and making more culturally relevant eBooks and eMusic content available. We also deliver special courses and workshops for budding writers and musicians.

  • Community Empowerment

Creating Communities of Common Interest through Values-Based ICT and Social Development Initiatives
Tech Innovation Camps, Digital Literacy for Seniors, Train the Trainer Programs, ICT for Girls

The BrightPath Foundation is committed to ensuring that people at all levels of society and in every territory not only have access to technology but are empowered with the knowledge and the tools necessary to function in an ever increasing digital world. BrightPath works to increase understanding of the impact of technology on society, and this calls for relevant, values-based training. BrightPath’s collaborative approach to training also helps young people understand the similarities and differences they have with their counterparts throughout the world, and eventually help them become more functional and globally relevant.

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